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somewhere in the vast universe, there was a colorful and a peaceful planet
, living in unison for a very long time, but on one unfortunate day, all that happiness was shreaded to ashes when a mystical meteor filled with dark and evil magical energy hit it taking all the colors and life from it, except one choosen little guy, he was confused after what happened all of a suddent finding himself in a weird spiritual place, it was the holy mother rainbow, resurrecting him
, cuz he filled with great will power, she told him that he's the last hope for this planet, giving him the abilty which only him could control, the ability to give back life to the planet, you have to find and destroy the meteor; mother rainbow said, you are our last chance; said mother rainbow as she faded away.
now, our hero has to do his duty and find the meteor and destroy it, will he find it in this chaotic world? that's what we will find out..


Silent-runes.rar 47 MB


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Good work team


Nice  game love the story   well done


jeu magnifique bonne continuation